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How To Lower High Blood Sugar At Home

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Diet is the most important part of your blood sugar control journey, especially if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic. While other factors such as weight, genetics, stress and activity level determine blood sugar levels, maintaining a strict and healthy diet is essential to keeping blood sugar under control. Did you know that Mother Nature provides many foods that naturally lower blood sugar? Here are 10 of them. Read more

How To Lower High Blood Sugar At Home

In countries like Iran and Mexico, pumpkin and its seeds are used as a traditional remedy for diabetes. Pumpkin and its seeds are great for regulating blood sugar, as they are full of fiber and antioxidants. According to a study published in the journal Molecules, pumpkin powder and extracts effectively lower blood sugar levels in both animals and humans. Read on

High Blood Sugar Level: Try These Whole Grains To Control Diabetes Naturally

Seafood such as shellfish and fish contain protein, antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. The high antioxidant content of seafood, especially fatty fish like sardines and salmon, may play a role in controlling blood sugar levels. Seafood slows digestion and controls post-meal sugar levels, but promotes weight loss by avoiding overeating. Read on

Nuts like almonds and peanuts and their nuts can play an important role in lowering blood sugar levels. A study published in the journal Molecules found that eating nuts or almonds and peanuts throughout the day reduced post-meal blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Read on

Broccoli contains a plant compound called sulforaphane, which is released when chewed or chopped. This compound has blood sugar lowering properties. In research published in the journal Nutrients, sulforaphane-rich broccoli has significant anti-diabetic effects. It increases blood sugar, oxidative stress and insulin sensitivity. Read more

Okra or okra is rich in blood sugar-lowering compounds like flavonoids and polysaccharides. In countries like Turkey, okra seeds are used to treat diabetes. Okra is loaded with compounds that have anti-diabetic effects and successfully lower blood sugar levels. Read on

High Blood Sugar In People Without Diabetes: Signs And Complications

Lentils and beans are packed with nutrients that not only keep you healthy but also actively lower your blood sugar levels. They contain a lot of resistant starch and soluble fiber, which slows down the digestion process and prevents blood sugar levels from changing. Adding chickpeas or black beans to rice will help you control your blood sugar better than rice alone.

Flax seeds contain many nutrients such as healthy fats and fiber. They also allow the body to regulate blood sugar levels. Research published in Clinical Nutrition Research found that people who ate 30 grams of flax seeds per day had better blood sugar levels than those who ate plain yogurt.

Eggs are rich in healthy fats, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Research has also linked eggs to blood sugar levels. A study published in the journal Food and Function found that eating one egg a day significantly reduced blood sugar levels and increased insulin sensitivity compared to an egg substitute. Read on

Both oats and oat bran are excellent sources of soluble fiber, which can play a role in significantly lowering blood sugar levels. A study published in the journal Nutrients found that eating oats controlled fasting blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. Eating 27 grams of oatmeal with water before eating white bread lowers blood sugar levels.

Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Help Reverse Prediabetes

Regular consumption of chia seeds has also been linked to controlled blood sugar levels. They also improve insulin sensitivity. Research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that consuming chia seeds helps regulate blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. Disclaimer: This product should not be considered as a substitute for medicine in any way. Read more

Satish Kaushik dies of heart attack, aged 66 What celebrities wore for Holi 2023 5 steps to raising a healthy baby What women should eat to protect their heart Everyone with diabetes has high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) at times. There are too many variables outside of your control to prevent high blood sugar from ever occurring.

But the best thing we can do when blood sugar spikes is to help them return to normal as quickly as possible.

For people with diabetes who take insulin, insulin always plays an important role in correcting high blood sugar. There are several things to keep in mind when using insulin to correct high blood sugar.

The Connection Between Blood Sugar And Blood Pressure

If you live with insulin-dependent diabetes, high blood sugar can put you at risk of developing ketones. A sustained rise in blood sugar levels above 250 mg/dL with little insulin can quickly progress to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).

Test your urine for ketones and contact your doctor or visit an urgent care center if you are measuring “moderate to high” ketones.

When ketones are high, correcting high blood sugar with insulin through a pump or injection will not be effective. Instead, you may need intravenous fluids for a few hours to replace it.

If you have moderate or low ketones, you can correct them with insulin at home, but you will need a higher dose than usual. Contact your health care team if you test positive for ketones and are unsure how to manage the condition.

Fast Ways To Stabilize Blood Sugar If You Have Diabetes

For those taking rapid-acting or rapid-acting insulin — Novolog, Humalog, Epidra, Fiasp, Ademelog, Afreza — you can take a “correction” dose to lower high blood sugar.

A “correction factor” is determined with the help of your healthcare team. This number tells you how much one unit of fast-acting or rapid-acting insulin will lower your blood sugar. For example, a correction factor of 1:50 means that one unit of insulin will lower blood sugar by 50 points.

It is important to know how much insulin you may have in your blood before taking an extra dose of insulin.

Most rapid-acting insulin stays in your system for about 3 to 4 hours, which means that taking an extra dose of insulin to correct high levels can cause a sharp drop in blood sugar if you already have a large amount of insulin. The last dose is still in your blood.

Supplements To Help Lower Blood Sugar

Also, remember to give that insulin dose at least two hours before it affects your blood sugar before you get frustrated and take another injection. You may not see a significant improvement in your blood sugar for at least 1 to 2 hours (unless you are using an ultra-rapid insulin such as Afreza).

Insulin was designed to be injected into body fat, but if your blood sugar is high, injecting a “correction dose” of insulin into your muscles can help.

When you inject insulin into a muscle, it is absorbed more quickly. This is not something you should do every day; That may lead to bruising and again, not how to take insulin for your daily insulin needs. But for those serious highs (blood sugar levels above 250 mg/dL), it can be a useful option.

Afrezza is a fast-acting insulin that some people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes find very helpful in treating high blood sugar.

What Is Emergency Treatment For High Blood Pressure At Home?

Inhaled insulin is just as effective at lowering blood sugar levels as regular insulin, but it works much faster.

It may not replace all of your insulin needs, but many people are using it through a syringe, pen, or insulin pump in addition to regular insulin because it starts working quickly in your bloodstream.

It is very easy to use, but results and usage experience may vary from person to person.

Most importantly, remember that it is very easy to treat high blood sugar with insulin and lower it too much. Then you’ll be tempted to eat and you’ll be tempted to get high again. This blood sugar roller coaster is exhausting and dangerous.

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A frequent rollercoaster of blood sugar means you are taking insulin and/or not treating low blood sugar and some adjustments are needed. Work with your healthcare team to minimize and prevent these wild swings to ensure your overall safety and quality of life!

Your doctor may have prescribed other medications to keep your blood sugar at a normal level. Make sure you don’t miss a dose.

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible, unless you “double up” the medicine. This means if you miss a dose

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