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No Sugar Diet Foods To Avoid

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No Sugar Diet Foods To Avoid – Going on a sugar-free diet is not easy at all. That’s because your body has likely become addicted to sugar over the years, and to eliminate it from your diet, you’ll need to break the addiction first. In a 2007 scientific laboratory experiment on rats, it was proven that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. When given a choice between sugar-laced water and cocaine-laced water, all rats (even those previously addicted to cocaine) chose the sugar-laced water more often than the cocaine-laced water. Sugar releases dopamine and opioids that cause strong addictive properties that are difficult, but not impossible, to break.

This study showed that our brains cannot tell the difference between artificial sugars and natural sugars found in whole foods, meaning that adding more artificial sugars to our diet increases the likelihood of severe addiction. To take control of your diet and your life, you have to break your sugar addiction once and for all. This means you will either have to reduce your sugar intake or go on a sugar-free diet.

No Sugar Diet Foods To Avoid

There are two ways to break any addiction. The first step is to gradually reduce the amount of the addictive substance. The second is more difficult, but sometimes more effective, and this substance is quitting cold turkey. Quitting cold turkey means you never allow yourself any substance. This process is often quick, but it can also be quite draining on your body. When discussing sugar addiction, it’s important to understand that cutting out all sugar can be dangerous, but cutting out all added artificial sugar is very healthy and beneficial.

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The ultimate goal of a sugar-free diet is not to completely eliminate all sugar from your diet, but to remove all added artificial sugar from your diet. Your body needs some sugar for basic human functions, but this sugar must be obtained by breaking down complex carbohydrates. These sugars will release more slowly into your bloodstream and allow for a more gradual rise and fall in your glycemic levels, essentially avoiding the dreaded “crash” that simple sugars cause.

We already know that sugar releases dopamine and opioids that affect our physical addiction, but like any other drug, sugar also affects our psyche. We often overuse artificial sugars due to the emotional stress in our lives, which makes the idea of ​​a sugar-free diet very difficult, but also necessary. Allowing a substance to dominate your life so much is unhealthy not only for your body, but also for your mind.

Relapse into sugar addiction can happen at any time in your life and you need to be mentally and physically prepared for it. While it could be an old emotional trigger that causes your addiction to rekindle, it could also be the innocent taste of artificial sugar that kills your neurotransmitters. You’ll probably fall off the wagon a few times, but it’s important to keep getting back up and jumping on. It’s time to end sugar’s unhealthy hold on your life and take back your diet and wellness.

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We all know it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet while traveling, whether it’s a short business trip or a week-long vacation. Unfortunately, when you travel, you often don’t have access to your kitchen and food preparation equipment so you’re stuck… Hi guys! Before I get into my transformation story, I want to make sure we’re starting from a general perspective on the difference between diet and lifestyle.

“Diet” by definition is simple: the types of food that a person, animal, or community typically eats.

Our culture has changed the meaning of the word “diet” to conclude that these changes are unsustainable and the search for another “lifestyle” continues.

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We struggle to find a way of eating that is “enough” for us—a way of eating that we don’t need to constantly change to keep our bodies in shape and that fuel our bodies and brains enough to function. Also provides and healthy.

Ironically, most of us do it backwards. We try to change our bodies to create a sense of sufficiency because the world tells us to. In fact, our bodies were never designed to take on the responsibility of that role.

The kind we are really looking for is the kind that comes only from our loving Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Wouldn’t you agree that we really need to know that we already are – in our most imperfect, imperfect state, no matter what another human being thinks of us – is enough?

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What if we were to find the truth in our food, real food, trusting the One who made it to live and thrive?

Don’t you think we can figure out what to eat and how much is enough so that we don’t have to spend our lives looking for it?

On August 2, 2019, I took my last bite of sugar and flour. I no longer eat processed foods and although it seems like it happened overnight, it was actually a decision that came after years of absorbing and learning the truth about our food, but struggling to commit to such a change. had been

Now I eat 3 meals a day with no snacks (because I’m still learning how to tell when a snack becomes a meal, LOL). My diet mainly consists of vegetables, fruits, grains and proteins.

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Long story short, I joined a 12-step food addiction program that taught me through an experiment how much food is enough. She also taught me how to turn to God when I needed help, instead of turning to food to numb and escape difficult or uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

I was desperate for a change, but it wasn’t so much about changing my body or weight as it was about changing my habits.

My eating habits were self-destructive and I didn’t realize until now how much those habits were damaging my self-image. All these years I thought my reflection in the mirror was causing my lack of confidence.

After spending years learning about real and processed foods, I already knew how to eat healthy. I couldn’t stop snacking on extra junk (candy, cookies, ice cream, ice cream, anything and everything processed) in between those meals or occasionally.

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The thought of eating something sweet would cross my mind and I couldn’t say no. I didn’t know what “enough” felt like and subconsciously I always needed more.

These habits always lead to weight gain, but for most of my life I have somehow “kept it under control” with exercise. However, during pregnancy, and especially during my second pregnancy, these habits didn’t stop because trying to control them only brought more shame and it was easy to pretend I didn’t care. is

As a result, I gained more weight than before and it started to scare me. I began to question my identity.

Once I honestly accepted the possibility of addiction and decided to follow my diet plan (focusing more on the Lord’s love and redemption than weight loss), the pounds began to fall off.

Sugar Free January

Till date I have lost a total of 32 kg. In the first two months I lost 10 pounds each and as I got closer to my ideal body size, the weight loss was about 1 pound a week.

Now, to answer the question that many of you asked on Instagram that sparked the idea for this blog post, here’s what I eat every day. You’ll love how easy it is (more details here).

I followed the above meal plan for 90 days and then another 4 weeks until I reached my goal weight. Once I gained weight I kept it off by changing grains/starches to 3oz for lunch and adding an extra 3oz for dinner + 6oz of fruit for dinner.

I use and love the food scale from Clean Simple Eats because they are the perfect size to fit on a standard plate and I can still see the numbers.

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